GabrielSoft - Embedding content using the HTML/Text Module

You can use the Custom Embed module to embed content by itself in its own module. However, if you want something embedded with or alongside other content, you can do so by adding the embed code into an existing Text/HTML module. Here are the steps for using the Text/HTML module to embed content:


Drag and drop a Text/HTML module onto the page

First, navigate to the page on which you'd like the embedded content to appear. Then click Add Content > Core Modules, then drag and drop the Text/HTML module onto the page.


Paste the embed code into the module's source code

Now that that module is on the page, follow these steps to embed your content:

  1. Click your cursor inside the module to display the WYSIWYG Editor (a.k.a. the Text Editor).
  2. Click the Source button in the WYSIWYG Editor (pictured below) to display the Source dialog.

  3. In a separate browser tab, copy the HTML embed code for your content. (The HTML embed code should be made available by whoever produces the item you're wanting to embed.)
  4. Paste the HTML embed code into the Source dialog (pictured below).

Finally, click the green OK button at the bottom of the Source dialog, then Publish your page.

If you want to double-check to make sure the code is executing properly, you'll need to log out of your site or view the page in a different internet browser.