How to create a group within your Connect Organization

As an admin within your Connect organization you can create groups of members so that you can communicate with specific subsets of your organization.

How to Create a Group

  1. Click the Groups link in the white bar at the top of your page
  2. Click the blue Create Group button.
    1. You will then be prompted to type in a Group Name (this is required) and optionally, a Group Description.
    2. Once you have added your Group Name and optional description click the blue Create Group button in the lower right hand corner to finish creating your new group.
    3. Once your new group has been created you can always adjust the Group Name and Group Description by clicking the Settings gear wheel in the group itself.

What happens once a group is created?

  • Once a new group is created the creator of the group will automatically be added the group in the role of Manager.
  • No other members of the group will be added by default.

How to add members to your new group

  • Once your group has been created you can click the blue Add Member button in the upper left hand corner of your group to add new members. Here you have the option to:
    1. Use the search bar at the top of the page to search for members that have already been added to your Connect organization and add them to your Group
    2. Add a new members, who is not yet part of your Connect organization by clicking the blue + Create new member link. You will then be promoted to add in the email, first name, last name, and (optional) phone number of the new member. That new member will receive an email prompting them to join your new group, and will also be added to the All Members section of your Connect organization.

If you are adding a new member directly to your group you will not be able to communicate with that new member until they accept the invitation to join your group.

Now that you have created a new group and added members to that group, you are ready to send a message to your new group! Click the Messages tab in the upper left hand corner of your group to begin composing a message!