GabrielSoft - Change your theme and color palette

The Design Studio tab in the white Admin Toolbar allows you to edit site-wide design elements including your website's theme, color palette, and page layouts.

GabrielSoft offers several free themes you can use to design your website. This article explains how to easily change your website's theme and color palette in the Design Studio.

How to change your website's theme


Open the Design Studio

To begin, click on Design in the white Admin Toolbar. The Design Studio will display your site in Preview Mode with the theme and layouts that are currently selected.


Click the Theme button to browse free themes

Click Explore Themes at the bottom of the Design Studio to open the Select a Theme dialog.

The Select a Theme window displays thumbnails of all the free themes and color palettes available to you. Click on any theme, then select a color palette to view the preview thumbnail.

As you browse themes, your currently published theme and color palette will be marked as illustrated below.

Once you’ve found the theme and color scheme you’d like to try, click Save.


Preview your site's new design

After you've selected a new theme and/or color palette, you can preview your site with your new design settings before publishing. Use the Device Display icons to preview your site on screens of different sizes (desktop, tablet, and mobile).


Publish your new design

You can continue experimenting with different themes and color schemes by repeating steps 2-3 outlined above. Once you're ready for your website to be live using your new design settings, click the green Publish button at the bottom of the Design Studio.

NOTE: If you're not ready for your new design settings to be visible on your live website, no problem! You can click Edit Website in the white Admin Toolbar to leave the Design Studio. Then, edit your site with the design settings you've selected. Just return to the Design Studio to publish your new design settings whenever you're ready.

Filtering themes

If you already have an idea of the sort of design you’d like to achieve, you can filter the themes based on your preferences. Filter by  sections layout, dominant color, the size of the homepage slideshow, or specific background options using the panel on the left side of the Select a Theme dialog.

Customizing your website

If your organization has specific brand colors you’d like to use with a free theme, you can use the custom colors feature in the Design Studio to customize your theme. If you’re finding yourself wanting a more customized theme or homepage layout, you may want to consider teaming up with our custom design coordinator to build a design completely unique to your organization.

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